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About Us

Welcome to! Our goal with this site is to provide Pearl Jam fans fun statistical information on the band’s live shows. This site grew out of our love for Pearl Jam’s ability to continually run out new setlists each night and occasionally pulling out a song they hadn’t played in years. The inspiration for this site came from the best band specific setlist site in the world, We can only hope to be half the site they are one day!

We plan on growing this site in our free time, but we do have day jobs so please be patient. If you have feedback, or notice an error, please let us know. Setlists for the many of the early shows are missing, but we’ll continue to fill in what we can as we have time.

Meet the team

  • Brian J

    LiveFootsteps Founder, Researcher, 'Statistician', Enthusiast, Musician, QA, Fan

  • Dave J

    LiveFootsteps Founder, Designer, Coder, Laborer, Member, Fan