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Frequently Asked Questions

First a quick explanation of our main pages…


You guessed it…news.


On the album page you can select each Pearl Jam album and get a breakdown of when each song was first played, last played, and how many times it has been played. Selecting a song gives you detailed information on that song’s show appearances.


A list of all songs played live by Pearl Jam or released on their albums. You can view the songs in album order or alphabetical order by selecting the appropriate buttons.


Shows a list of interesting stats for any given year or tour (defaults to current tour). You can select the year or tour you’d like to look at by selecting the appropriate button at the top of the screen, including all time stats. Songs played during the selected tour/year are highlighted. Songs in white have not been played, and songs greyed out have never been played by Pearl Jam. Cover songs played are just listed at the bottom.


A list of shows played by Pearl Jam, either by year or by tour, selectable by buttons at the top. Years are collapsed, selecting the year to see the shows. If you select the link for the date of a show, it will bring you to that show’s setlist. If you select the venue it will bring you to the venue page. On the right side of each show is that show’s tour rarity rank (explained further down). Shows you have seen are highlighted. Check the checkbox next to each show while logged in and hit the submit button at the top or bottom of the page to add it to your list of shows.


A list of all the venues Pearl Jam has played. They are listed alphabetically by the current venue name. If you can’t find the venue you are looking for, do a search on the page for the city name, the venue might have a new name. You can narrow down your venues by International venues and US venues by selecting the appropriate button. Each individual venue page will show various names of the venue at the time of the show.

User Pages

My Profile

Page where you can change your password and other personal information, as well as see a few select stats and your list of shows.

My Shows

A list of the shows you have attended.

My Stats

Just like the stats page, but specific to you. Really cool shit.



Frequently Asked Questions

What are these numbers I’m seeing on the setlist page?

We get this question a lot. From left to right:

Played Last – the date the song was last played

Played Since – the number of shows between the time it was last played and this show

Song Count Tour – the number of times a song has been played during the tour as of this show / the total number of times the song has been played during the tour. So for the last/current show of a tour, the first and last number would be the same. TD next to the number means this is a tour debut for that song.

Song Count All-Time – like the number above but for all time: the number of times a song has been played all-time as of this show / the total number of times the song has been played all-time.

Rarity All-Time – A number given to a song to try and give a sense of how rare a song was at the time of the show. It factors in the number of shows where the song has been played since it’s debut (either album or live debut date) and the number of shows since it was last played. The higher the number, the rarer the song. The number assigned to the song during the show does not change, in other words, future song plays don’t make that song any less rare for that particular show. The show’s all-time rarity on the right is the avg of the song rarities for that show.

Tour Rarity – On the right you’ll see tour rarity. That number is how rare a song is for that tour only (the higher the rarer). This number is simply the number of times the song was played during the tour divided by the number of shows subtracted from 100. So if a song was played 3 times out of 10 shows, it would have a rarity number of 70. This number does change as additional shows are played in the tour. The ranking of each show’s rarity is on the main show page.

Can I see when I heard a specific song live?

While logged into your account, each song page will display how many times you have heard that song live. The page will also highlight each show you attended where that song was played. If the song was an intro, tag, tease, opener, or closer, that will be displayed to the left of each show.

Where are all the shows on the Shows Page?

They are hidden under the pulldowns by year. Select the year and they will appear. Only the current year is expanded by default. This makes the site easier to use on mobile devices.

How do I add or remove shows from my personal shows list?

While logged in as a user, visit the shows page. Each show will have checkbox to the left, check each show you’ve attended and submit by selecting the Save Shows button at the top or bottom of the page. Deselect a show and hit the Save Shows button to remove a show. Additionally while viewing a setlist you can add the current show to your seen performances by checking the gray check box on the top right of the set.

Where are the Eddie Vedder solo shows?

We plan in the future to add a subsection to the site with live Eddie Vedder shows. Beyond that we will add other members solo and side projects in the future. At this time the site includes all songs played at shows that were billed as Pearl Jam and/or Eddie and another band member where promoting the band during a live performance.

What is a Song/Tag/Intro/Tease?

Songs – A complete songs played by the band LIVE, not a recording over the speakers.

Tags – A segment of one song played during another song. With Pearl Jam this is typically either Eddie singing part of a different song during a main song, and/or Mike playing a guitar riff of a different song during the main song. If a tag is only a few notes long, we typically just make note of it, but don’t consider it a tag.

Intro – A portion of a song that segues in to the main song at the beginning. An intro is a partial song, if the entire song is played, it’s notated as a full song.

Tease – A tease is a small portion of a song played on its own, and not within another song. If the tease seagues directly into another song, it is considered an intro. A tease will have a clear break between it and the next song. Typically this is happens when Eddie fucks up the lyrics and they have to try the song again later (Just kidding Eddie).

What’s with the icons.

Roll over the “?” to see hints as to what a stat means, or a quick explanation of a portion of the site. If between the “?” and this FAQ you still don’t understand something, please let us know! Keep exploring the site, if you feel something needs an explanation we’ll add it.

How can I share my personal stats with others?

There is a Share Your Stats link on the left side of your personal stats page that you can copy and share with others. It will look something like this

I think I found a setlist error, how can I let you know?

That’s great…we can’t ensure this site is 100% accurate without your help! Go to the show you spot a problem with and click on the “submit a correction here” link at the bottom. Thanks! If you feel a stat is wrong or missing, let us know. Drop us a line: CONTACTUS@LIVEFOOTSTEPS.ORG.

How do I make a donation?

Glad you’ve asked, you can find the PayPal donation button on the home page. Credit cards also accepted: VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, and Discover.

I forgot my password or username, help…

In the event you’ve forgotten your password. Submit to retrieve your password to be emailed to you. You can do this from the signin window. Please don’t use a false email to signup, we won’t have any way of verifying your account. If you’ve forgotten your username as well please email us at PASSWORD@LIVEFOOTSTEPS.ORG with your request for your username. Thank you.